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Հայ Rus Eng

782 B.C. Erebuni (Yerevan) Founded
14th c. Yerevan Mint Established
1582 Farhad Pasha Built the Yerevan Fortress
1864 First Telegraphic Line Between Tiflis and Yerevan Established
1865 Yerevan Theater Founded
1933 Yerevan Circus Founded


Yerevan was Proclaimed the
Capital of the Armenian Republic
1922 The Public Library Opened
1926 First Radio Broadcasts Started
1929 Radio Station Opened
1933 First Flight from Yerevan to Tiflis

Airport Opened
1933 First Tram Line Opened
1935 Botanical Garden Established
1936 Moskva Movie Theater Opened
1936 Children's Railway Station Opened
1943 Academy of Sciences of Armenia


First Printing House Established
1895 Yerevan Baths Opened
1895 First Hotel Orient Opened
1899 Amirian-Yeghiazarian Grocery Store Opened
1902 Railway Between Yerevan and Alexandrapol
Started Operating
1906 Horsea-Tram Line Opened
1913 First 80 Telephones Distributed
1913 First Automobile Entered the City
TV Broadcasts Started
1981 Metropolitain Started Operating
1933 The Construction of theOpera & Ballet Theater Started