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Area: 2695 km2
Population: 156500
Administrative Center: Ijevan
Distance from Yerevan to Ijevan: 142 km
Tavush Marzpetaran /provincial administration/
Tel.: (263) 323 56 


Hospital, Tel.: (263) 323 70
Police, Tel.:(263) 33 281
Arts and Crafts Center
Tel.: (263) 34 214


Hospital, Tel.: (2680) 76 78
Cinematographers' Union House
Tel.: (2680) 61 39, 26 87, 56 75


.: (263) 328 70

Hotel Mosh

.: (363) 356 11
Hotel Mets Mher
Tel.: (263) 314 72

Mountains: Papakar range, Voskepar range, Mtnasar range, Hakum range, Mrkhur range, Ijevan range, Areguniats range, Khndzorut range, Mrkhuz 2993m, Maimekh 2642m, Sevan pass 2114m, Dilijan tunnel 2150m

Lakes: Parz, Aghstev

Rivers: Koghb, Voskepar, Aghstev, Hakum, Tavush, Khndzorut, Dzknaget

National Parks: Dilijan, Arjatkhnel, Ijevan.
Dilijan National Park, founded in 1958.

Ijevan: Regional history museum

Dilijan: Sanatoriums.

Kirants: Kirants monastery, 13 -14th cc.

Gosh: Goshavank monastery, 12-13th cc.
The monastery was established by Mkhitar Gosh, the famous scientist of medieval Armenia, famous author of fables. The oldest construction of the monastery is the Virgin church, 1196. There are monumental khachkars next to the main church.

Acharkut: Surb Arakelots monastery, 13th c.. Samson monastery, 13th c. Deghtsut monastery, 13th c.

Gandzakar: St Gevorg church, 7th c.. Surb Kiraki chapel, 9th c. Medieval cemetery.

Lusahovit: Morodzor monastery, 5-13th cc.

Kaian: Fortress, 13th c.. Church, 1233. Bridge, 13th c.

Achajur: Makaravank monastery, 10-13th cc.

Aigehovit: Srvegh monastery, 1252. Surb Astvatsatsin church, 1889.
Berd Tavush fortress, 10th c.

Varagavan: Varagavank monastery, 12 -13th cc.

Tsaghkavan: Surb Astvatsatsin church, 12th c.

Chinari: Khoranashat monastery, 12-13th cc.

Chinchin: Kaptavank church, 1151.

Berdavan: Medieval castle, 12-13th cc.

Voskepar: Surb Astvatsatsin church, 7th c.
Historical monuments out of domiciles: Haghartsin monastery, 10 -13th cc.. Jukhtak monastery, 10 -12th cc.
Haghartsin monastery was built by the architect Minas in 1248 with lavish decorations of carved stone. The oldest church in the monastery is with the cross-winged dome named after St. Gregory. The refectory of Haghartsin is also very unique in character. There is a number of very interesting Khachkars (cross-stones) in the monastery.