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Area: 4400 km2
Population: 192000
Capital: Stepanakert
Distance from Yerevan to Stepanakert: 329 km

Visa Requirements
The de-facto independent Karabakh (NKR) requires citizens of non-CIS countries to obtain a visa. The visa cost of $25 for 1 week, $35 for up to 3 weeks plus processing fee of $2 can be obtained at NKR Permanent Representation in Yerevan (17a Zarian st.), in Stepanakert. You will need to fill out a visa application ( assets/nkr_ visa_application.pdf) and submit one 3x4cm photo as well. The consular section is open 9-2 Mon-Sat. If you may visit Azerbaijan using the same passport in the future, ask that the Karabakh visa not be attached to your passport, for you will be forbidden entry to Azerbaijan if they see a Karabakh visa. Children under 16 are exempt from visas.
For further questions regarding NKR visas, please contact the Consular Section of the NKR Permanent Representation in Armenia at (374-10) 24-97-05 or

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Artsakh range, Mrav range, Artsakh highland, Karkar 3208m, Sotk pass 2400m, Giamish 3724m, Mets Beveratap 3616m, Tsghuk 3584m, Tsarasar 3428m, Katar 3008m, Tsitsernakar 3182m


Vorotan, Hakari, Voghji, Tsav, Arax, Khachenaget, Karkar, Tartar, Tuthun, Shalva, Hochants

Stepanakert : Mairaberd or Askeran fortress. Avetaranots church, Melik Sahnazar's House

Shushi: Gharanchetsots Cathedral, 1867-1887. Kanach Jham. Old city wall.

Vank: Gandzasar monastery, 1216-1238.
Gandzasar is the most exquisite monastery of Karabakh. Located in the north, atop the green hill which climbs above the village of Vank, it has been restored and is a fully functioning monastery. Gandzasar has some of the nicest carvings and details typical for many Armenian monasteries. Each stone is well thought out, and the decorations are a pleasure to discover throughout the complex. Being a functioning monastery means there are priests there who are happy to give tours of the monastery, as well as discuss church issues in general.

Khndzristan: Kachaghakaberd fortress, 9th c.

Rev Village: St.Gevorg monastery, 16th c.

Kolatak: St.Hakob or Metsaranist monastery, 8 -18th cc.

Machkalashen: Amaras monastery, 5 - 18th cc.

Togh: Togh is a historical village. There are some nice examples of traditional architecture in the homes as well. St. Stepanos, 13 -18th cc. Anapat, 18th c., St. Hovhannes, 13 -18th cc.

Azokh: Azokh Cave, Remains of Neanderthal man have been found here as well as 3.000 year old art and tools.

Mataghis: Yeghish Arakial monastery, 5 -13th cc.

Dadivank: Dadivank monastery, 5-13th cc.

Historical monuments out of domiciles: Gtichavank, 10 -13th cc., Vankasar monastery, 7th c., Handaberd fortress, 5th c., Handaberd monastery, 13 -14th cc., Tsitsernavank, 5th c., Caravanserai, 13 -18th cc., Handaberd monastery, 13 -14th cc.