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In the beginning of the 1 millennium B.C. in the south-eastern parts of the Armenian plateau started the formation of Urartu - one of the strongest kingdoms of its time. In 782 B.C. on the hills of modern Yerevan king Argishti founded one of the strongholds of the Urartian kingdom the city of Erebuni. During the excavations of 1950's a stone with cuneiform inscription of this fact was unearthed and that stone is considered to be the "Birth certificate” of our city.

It is impossible to imagine Yerevan without Ararat and Aragats mountains, which are visible from all over the city. The best views open from Cascade where the city seems to be in your palms with Ararat straight ahead and quadruple peaks of Aragats to the right.

Art lovers may find truly formidable collections ranging from prehistoric times to modern days in numerous museums, the list of which appears later in this guide.

Yerevan has a thriving nightlife with variety of national and international restaurants, bars and night clubs. The list inserted in our guide gives pretty good choice of places to go which cater to any taste. With all the activities going on until early morning hours it is safe to be in the streets of Yerevan at any time of the day or night.

Just strolling in the streets of Yerevan is a pleasant experience by itself, but for those who need to get around fast in our pretty hectic traffic (for your safety - yield to the cars while crossing the streets even on green) taxis is a very good and alternative. You may call variety of taxi services, which offer decent and swift service at any hour and to any destination. For your convenience, we have selected some of them to appear on our pages.

At weekends one of the almost "mandatory” things to do is to visit so-called Vernissage, which is an arts and crafts open-air bazaar. In addition to it there are quite a few gift shops scattered mostly in the center of the city, which offer vast selection of high quality tokens to be taken from Armenia. Before purchasing any valuable rug or painting ask the salespeople wthere they can arrange for a certificate for customs clearance.

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Sphinx. bronze, VIII-VII century B.C.