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The King Trdat's flag, 301-330

There is no resemblance between the earliest Armenian flag of antiquity and today's tricolor. The ancient flag displayed a dragon, an eagle, or some mysterious object of the gods (sometimes a lion). With the advent of Christianity, the Armenian kingdom adopted many different flags representing various dynasties.
When Armenia became independent, it utilized the modern Armenian tricolor. The independent Armenia's government selected the colors of the last period of the Rubinian Dynasty: red, blue, and yellow, in which yellow was replaced by orange.

Artashessian Dynasty, 180BC-1AD

The King Trdat's flag, 301-330

Marzpanate Period,
5-7 thcc.

Arshakuniats Dynasty, 64-428

Mamikonian Flag, 4-9thcc.

Mamikonian Flag, 4-9thcc.

Rubinian Dynasty, 1080-1375

Rubinian Dynasty, 1080-1375

Cilicia, Koricos City Flag, 14th cc.

Cilicia, Coat of Arms, 13-14thcc.

Cilicia, Coat of Arms, 14thc.

Cilician Armenia, 1198-1375

Cilician Armenia, 1198-1375

Sebastia City Flag, 14th. c.

Vatchutian Flag, 14thc.

Proshian Flag, 14thc.

Israel Ori, 1658-1711

Tricolor of Alishan, 1855

Armenia Flag, 1858-1914

Armenia Flag, 1885

Erivan, Coat of Arms, 1843

Erivan, Coat of Arms, 1849-1918

Armenia Flag, 1914-1917

Armenia Flag, 1917-1918

Armenia Flag, 1918

Patriarchal Eagle, 20th c.

Armenian Republic Flag, 1918-1920

Armenian Republic Coat of Arms, 1918

Soviet Armenian Flag, 1922

Soviet Armenian Flag, 1937

Soviet Armenian Flag, 1940

Soviet Armenian Coat of Arms, 1937-1992

Republic of Armenia Coat of Arms, 1992

Republic of Armenia Flag, 1992