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859 B.C. Mentioning of Arame - the first king of Urartu
in the Assyrian cuneiform inscriptions

550 B.C. Mentioning of the Armenian kingdom in Xenophon's chronicles

520 B.C. Mentioning of Arminya country and Armina people in Persian king Dareh's Behistun stone

3rd c. B.C. Foundation of capital Artashat (Hellenistic period) and the Armenian theatre

95-56 B.C. The reign of the king Tigran 2 (Artashessyan dynasty).
The strengthening of the Armenian statehood.

1st c. A.D. The construction of the Sun temple in Garni

66-428 The reign of Arshakuniats dynasty

301 The adoption of Christianity as state religion

387 The division of Armenia between Rome and Persia

405 Unique modern alphabet was invented by Mesrop Mashtots

451 Avarair battle. Vardan Mamikonyan's battle against Persian

885 The start of Bagratuni dynasty (885-1045) and the reinstatement of the Armenian statehood

1045 The occupation of Armenia by Byzantine and Seljuk turks

1080-1198 The Cilician duchy of the Rubinyan dynasty

1198-1375 The Kingdom of the Armenian Cilicia

1236 The beginning of the Mongolian invasion into Armenia

1639 The division of Armenia between Ottoman Turkey and Persia

1724 The creation of the independent Armenian Duchy in Kapan by David Bek

1828 The creation of the Armenian region within the Russian Empire

1849 The creation of the Yerevan state within the Russian Empire

1915 The genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Turkey

1918 Sardarapat, Gharakilisa and Bash-Aparan battles against Turkish army

1918 The proclamation of the first Armenian Republic

1920 The proclamation of the Soviet Armenian Republic

1991 The proclamation of the Armenian Republic